Friday, 31 August 2012

What'll you be doing on Wattle Day?

There's a Blue Moon tonight, it's Wattle Day on Saturday, and Sunday is Father's Day! 
(Click on the above links to find out more.)
That's a whole lot of going on isn't it! 

So I thought I would make it easy on myself and just share some of the photos I took of the sky last night.  The moon was nearly full, sadly it wasn't blue, but the sky was, and the clouds were yellow, so I thought that was pretty appropriate for this weekend.

Yes you spotted that I have given these photos a bit of the
Pic Monkey treatment!  Especially this one. 

Maybe a bit over the top but I must say I like it!

It was such a beautiful evening that I wanted to share it with you.
  Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are planning. 
And all you fathers out there, have a great Father's Day on Sunday.

Please please let me know if your moon is BLUE!!

And what'll you be doing on Wattle Day?? It's a special day for all Australians.  This book by Maria Hitchcock called a Celebration of Wattle Day, looks interesting.

How about cooking this Wattleseed Gnocchi  which of course has potatoes in it,
 from bareingredients, the foodie site for foodie lovers.  
They include a wild mushroom sauce in the recipe and it all looks quite delicious!


  1. Some lovely atmospheric photos there, they'd be good for a Halloween post too! According to the weather forecast our moon is going to be well hidden by clouds.

    1. Gee that's a shame John. We certainly could do with some rain clouds here. I think the moon here will be shining bright, but maybe not blue:) Cheers Jane

  2. Lovely photos of the moon - it was beautiful last night here but as John says the forecast is for cloud tonight. I shall look for the moon anyway:) Wattle Day is new to me but I like the idea behind it.

  3. Yes, I hope the links give you a good feel for Wattle Day Rowan. It is the first day of Spring too. Bye for now Jane

  4. Jane, these photos are amazing! I don't know what Pic Monkey is, but I have been hearing about it. You certainly seem to have a fantastic handle on it. You have created magic in these photographs.
    Thanks so much for sharing, Connie :)

    1. Hi Connie, lovely to see you again! Pic monkey is an online photo editor which is simple to use (yes even me!). Take a look, you might get addicted too! Have a great weekend. I bet Granddad Steve will be enjoying a spoilt Father's Day!

  5. Nice photos Jane.....the full moon does send me into a heightened sense of being but not quite a "lunatic"....I was going to take some wattle blossoms into work but the lack of rain and high temps have made them rather sad looking...they were much better a few weeks ago, ringing the house yard with yellow.

    1. Hi bb, your house yard must have been lovely. Hope those steers of yours stay home and enjoy the wattle:)

  6. It was a beautiful evening in our part of the world to, would be lovely if blue moons were blue. The wattles are incredible this year, everything is coated in a mist of yellow from their abundant flowers. I love Wattle Day and it's history, twas a day in the garden for us.

  7. Hi Kirsty, so lovely to read your comments, and so glad you had a day in the garden on Wattle Day. You paint a beautiful picture of the wattle "mist". I bet it must be difficult for hay fever sufferers though!


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