Monday, 23 February 2015

Tears falling

 I shed tears.
This was the day we sold our bull.  
He's been with us for 7 years, he was 2 when he came.
  Our grand daughter fed him fallen oranges from our tree ~ he loved them and bellowed for more!  
But now he's gone....this is the hard part of being a farmer.

 The day started out with a muted glow
 the mist rose
 leaves sparkled
 sunlight bathed the hills one by one
we herded the cattle
the mist is hanging around reluctant to leave

tear drops of rain are all around me
 an eastern rosella catches my eye
 and I caught hers ~ does she know?

Good bye old fella ~ we miss you.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Starting out once again.....

I seem to keep on starting
I guess it's better than stopping
  It's just that I start and stop
 and can't seem to keep going

You can see that my last few weeks
 have been full of sunshine and showers
just like any week
any lifetime really.


How have you been going since the last time we met?
Would love to know. 

Monday, 26 January 2015

My Happy Australia Day


After finding a red-bellied black snake in the chook house this morning,
  this beautiful Glasswing Butterfly was a bit of light relief when it appeared in my garden!
  It is an interesting butterfly, the only Australian
 representative of a mainly African species according to my butterfly book.
It's wings are quite translucent and indeed glass like.

Our son-in-law came to the rescue on his day off to help us fix a computer problem.
 We had sausages for lunch (well it's Australia Day remember?!) 
Then more visitors in the shape of a couple of yellow-tailed black cockatoos.
 These birds never cease to catch my eye and make me want to fly up there with them,
 soaring over this wonderful countryside.

These bright spots of red in my neighbour's garden were a lot more welcome
 than the one in the hen house this morning!  
But that's Australia, and I've grown used to things here now.  It's my home.
( I wrote that last sentence and crossed it out so many times.)  
Can a person have more than one home?  My home is England and my home is Australia.  
I have no desire - no will - and see no need to choose.
  Come to think of it that makes me very lucky indeed!

What do you think? 

Happy Australia Day to you!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

A baby wren graces my garden

How delightful it was today to watch a family of Superb Fairy Wrens flit amongst the flowers in my garden. By the time I raced for my camera and returned the only one left was this little fluffy baby, perhaps a little too scared to take off from his safe place.  So vulnerable and at the same time so resilient. My bird book describes their call as 'thin zizzing musical trills' and confirms that they do indeed inhabit open forest, swamps, coastal areas, rain forest and yes...gardens. 

The day started out fine then a misty rain crept up the valley towards us.
  By late afternoon it had cleared to a wispy duvet of cloud hovering over the farmland.
  A sliver of moon was visible in the soft pink evening sky.

I'll see if I can catch the colourful adult male in my camera for you next week.  He's a stunner!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Nine months gone

Nine long months since I posted on this blog.
 I could have hatched a sweet baby in that time. 
Well, maybe not!
But I do have a third grand child and a garden full of flowers. 

The evening sun sets in my rather English garden
 amidst the Australian rain forest. 

White-headed pigeon makes a "slow deep 'wooop-wuk', second part a soft gulp" sound.
 It really does, because I hear it in the background as I hasten to catch images of penstemon, salvia, catnip and daisies as the sun goes down behind the hill after a hot summers day.

This pigeon  inhabits rain forest, scrub and gardens according to 
Simpson and Day's Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. 
It's right! 
Can you hear it's soft sound beneath the whirr of bees and the cicada's chatter?

So can I !  
Lovely to be back!  

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The day brought rain ~ of course it did!

Harbingers of rain, two yellow tailed black cockatoos flew over at sun up,
 and the day was decided.  There would be rain.

Mist followed and a stunning sunset,
 but nothing can beat the call and the flight of the black cockatoo.
 It's like no other and always inspires me to fly just that little bit higher!
~ ~ ~
What motivates you to keep going when you'd really rather not?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pink ~ because I can!

I am an impulse blogger not an organised one, and today's post would not be one I would plan just worked out that way.  You see I looked back over my last week or so's photos and found a theme running through ~ yes you got it ~ PINK !!  So ready or not here goes....

The mornings have been misty

 I love to venture out even though it's a bit dark

You see things you never expected ~ like this spider...ok so I admit it...
I didn't see it either till it was on my computer!

Bee holding on to waratah leaf for all it's worth!


I parked underneath this tree to take a photo of a view which turned out to be
 ...not worth it....but this galah was worth every penny!
We've had some rain and everyone's happy....specially the roses
This fungi was a totally unexpected treat ~ serendipity?
Can't beat a sunny geranium at sundown!
You either love pink...or you used to love it and now not so sure  can't bear it!
Where do you stand? Let me know!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Some moments just take your breath away

Like this one when I went out for an evening walk and stumbled upon magic.

No need for words this time
 they only take away from the moment that was there
and all too soon it was gone.


I know you've had fleeting moments like these when all you could do was stand and watch.
  Mine was whilst visiting my son and daughter-in-law on their new block
 in the Granite Belt region of Queensland.
Where was yours?  Would love to hear about it!