Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The day brought rain ~ of course it did!

Harbingers of rain, two yellow tailed black cockatoos flew over at sun up,
 and the day was decided.  There would be rain.

Mist followed and a stunning sunset,
 but nothing can beat the call and the flight of the black cockatoo.
 It's like no other and always inspires me to fly just that little bit higher!
~ ~ ~
What motivates you to keep going when you'd really rather not?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pink ~ because I can!

I am an impulse blogger not an organised one, and today's post would not be one I would plan just worked out that way.  You see I looked back over my last week or so's photos and found a theme running through ~ yes you got it ~ PINK !!  So ready or not here goes....

The mornings have been misty

 I love to venture out even though it's a bit dark

You see things you never expected ~ like this spider...ok so I admit it...
I didn't see it either till it was on my computer!

Bee holding on to waratah leaf for all it's worth!


I parked underneath this tree to take a photo of a view which turned out to be
 ...not worth it....but this galah was worth every penny!
We've had some rain and everyone's happy....specially the roses
This fungi was a totally unexpected treat ~ serendipity?
Can't beat a sunny geranium at sundown!
You either love pink...or you used to love it and now not so sure  can't bear it!
Where do you stand? Let me know!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Some moments just take your breath away

Like this one when I went out for an evening walk and stumbled upon magic.

No need for words this time
 they only take away from the moment that was there
and all too soon it was gone.


I know you've had fleeting moments like these when all you could do was stand and watch.
  Mine was whilst visiting my son and daughter-in-law on their new block
 in the Granite Belt region of Queensland.
Where was yours?  Would love to hear about it!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Perfection ~ who needs it? Just enjoy the day.

I've been waiting for the perfect time, the perfect photo, the perfect thought to start back in on my blog again after 2, 3, 4, what surely not nearly 5 months absence?!!
But instead I'm jumping right in with today ~ for better for worse.

Started with a misty morning

Oh Rosemary I love you

Move to late afternoon after a 'nothing is going right' sort of day

Decided to look for the positives amidst the negatives...bee in the weeds

This spider is happily thriving here!

Out cutting and spraying weeds ~ always hard to keep up ~ but something catches my eye

Shadows as the sun goes down

It wasn't perfect...but it wasn't half bad either!

I wish for you a day that is full of light and shadow
Would really love to hear about yours!


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dry Spring

It's been dry here, but we're hopeful it will improve.  
There's beauty in it anyway.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Smell the beauty

TV's blaring......but all I can think of is these rock orchids (dendrobium speciosa)....their all-pervading fragrance...shape, colour..... glowing with the promise of Spring......

Forget the TV and all those ads, nature has the answer.

Do you have a favourite escape from the everyday?

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Eyes open to beauty

My daughter gave me a  box of affirmations "Up the Garden Path"  from Affirmations, made locally in beautiful Bellingen.  The words for today were:
'Greet each day 
with your eyes open to beauty,
 your mind open to change,

and your heart open to love.' 

Paula Finn

I reckon I've done just that today!  Come on and join me......

I was up early and I could see by a glance out of the kitchen window
 that it was going to be something special.


So I headed up the hill camera at the ready and Cobba the dog
 running up the pathway ahead as usual!

The moon was still in view 

and this parrot seemed as though it was flying straight into the sun.


I turned my back to the sun and watched as my long shadow
 reached down to the trees across the paddock.

The warm rays of the morning sun turned the dry wintery western hills gold.

Cobba snuck off to seeing what was going on at the neighbour's place.

My eyes were drawn back into the hazy glare of the new day.

And I could hear the buzzing of bees around the old plum tree.

A pee wee sat atop the highest branch and dared the other birds to come near.

Translucent petals shone against the sky.

The bees were in heaven!

And it felt like I nearly was too!  

Isn't it great when an ordinary day turns out to be extraordinary? I think, as the  opening words say, it can be as simple as being open to the possibility.
Would love to hear what you think makes a day special.

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