Saturday, 11 August 2012


(I changed the title of this post from Jewellery and it's Inspiration, because I was constantly receiving spam comments)
Leading on from my last post about Dry Stone Walls, 
I made a collage of some of my jewellery with a wall photo.  
I thought the colours and textures went so well with those of the stones. 
 Hope you enjoy it!

And now, just a few more of those Lake District photos that I cannot resist!

This wall is part of a sheep fold,
and the hole is to let the sheep through

The little streamlet leading into the stream
 beside the Sheep Fold

Grasses by the water
Well that's about it for today. 
 I'm off to find some more kindling for the fire, before it rains.
  It is really cold back in old Aus now!

Would love to know which piece of jewellery you like best
 up there in the collage, and why!  
Leave a comment if you wouldn't mind. I value them all.


  1. Jane this collage of photos looks like it should be an advertisement in a high end fashion magazine. Maybe you should be working in advertising. It is just beautiful. As for my favorite, I have four and they are all on the right side of the collage, beginning with that bright green necklace, going to the lovely mix of greens and blues, to the very dark green with the leaf fossil, and then those light and fresh two tone blue on the bottom. This is a lovely presentation.
    You said that it is cold is Aus . . . does that mean that you are back home? Have a marvelous weekend, Connie :)

  2. Oh thank you for your comments and letting me know which ones you like. It is a big help to see what my valued followers like. I must agree that dark one with the sage leaf print was one of my favourites too. Yes I am back in Aus now. Just had a month over there but took loads of photos so plenty still to share. Bye for now and thank you again for taking the time to comment. It means a lot:) Bye for now Jane

  3. The jewelry is very pretty.I also like the collage you made.

  4. Thanks so much Dawn. Glad you like them! Bye for now, Jane

  5. A nice collage on earrings and necklace for the viewers. A nice and wonderful post.

  6. I like the colors and textures with beautiful stones. Natural look necklace appeal me very much. Such a beautiful jewellery i want to buy all but i cant . I try to buy as much as possible.


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