Thursday, 16 August 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

Let me take you down, because I've been going to 
Strawberry Fields.......
Well sort of fields, in fact they were all under cover and in pipes at 
Ricardoes Tomato and Strawberry Farm north of Port Macquarie.
And the strawberries..... well they were to die for!
Scrumptious, red, fragrant, delicious and there for the picking. 
And that is just what we did, picked them, weighed them, payed for them 
and then brought them home.
But by that time we were so tired
 we are going to eat them tomorrow!!

Do you notice someone got to this plant before we did
 and picked the best one!

But that's no problem - you can see there are plenty more to choose from!

We had a brilliant time, on the off chance, after visiting our Aunty 
in the beautiful city of Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia!
I'll let you know how the strawberries are,
 but I am pretty sure they will be delicious, aren't you?!
If you are near Port, check out Ricardoes.  
You'll have a fun day out and there's a cafe and shop as well!

What is your favourite fruit?  Do let us know.
  I think mine would have to be the raspberry, 
though strawberries come a  close second!  


  1. I can't tell you my favourite fruit, because I'm terrible at picking my favourite anything - I love most types. Those strawberries look delicious though :)

  2. Don't they just Vickie? And I understand about favourites, sometimes we just want to enjoy them all, no limits. Thanks for dropping by:)

  3. the photos, almost can eat the off the screen :)

  4. Ha, glad you like them! And today I can say that they are absolutely delicious!

  5. Mmmm... they look tasty! I've been to strawberry farms where you pick your own but the ones I've visited looked nothing like that! Strawberries are one of my fave fruits but if I had to pick my most favourite it would be mangoes! I'm excitedly watching my little strawberry patch for the first signs of berries. Lots of flowers so far, so looking promising! Enjoy your strawberries Jane!

  6. Thanks Tracy, I certainly am doing! Will enjoy hearing how your strawbs progress, and not forgetting your pomato! I have yet to do a post about that but definitely will:) Far too few hours in the day at present!

  7. The strawberries look gorgeous - I've never seen them grown like that before.

  8. No, it's interesting isn't it Rowan. They certainly keep nice and clean and presumably disease free up like that, and less back breaking to pick too!

  9. Jane they are BEAUTIFUL photos. The perspective is fantastic and the editing around the outside to make it fade is great.
    I eat a lot of fruit and I have trouble deciding which I like best. I eat strawberries on top of my oats most days (sometimes frozen) - i think they probably look better than they taste sometimes -but that is ok. I probably could never do without bananas- so i guess that is my favourite fruit.

    1. Lori, it's that Pic Monkey at it again! I guess he would enjoy your bananas as well!

  10. We've driven to Port so many times and I didn't realise this place existed!
    Love the photos, Jane - especially the blossom and the cluster of strawberries.
    And I love the way they're growing. My strawberries end up rotting away because of the cool and damp up here (and what doesn't rot gets eaten by the dog). Might have to convince Husband to make me up a tube and give it a try.

    1. Yes, my son has set up a mini one for herbs at his place just recently but he put some lettuce seedlings in and the birds have taken a fancy to them!
      You'll have to stop by Ricardoes next time you're passing. I'm sure you and your family would enjoy it Tasha. bye for now Jane

  11. Wow what a wonderful blog and fabulous post - my mouth id watering! Thank you for dropping by. I am going to have such fun wading through your past posts. Have a lovely day. F

  12. Well thanks so much Francesca, and I felt the same about your blog too. So many beautiful photos of gorgeous places and things :) Bye for now, Jane

  13. Hello Jane, Wow! that strawberry farm is amazing. I have never seen any thing like that. Is there dirt in those pipes or is it strictly hydro. I am amazed.
    You ask for our favorite fruit, and as I'm reading this I'm eating raspberries, but my favorite has to be watermelon. At the moment our local melons are ripe and oh so good.
    Have a lovely day, Connie :)


    1. Hi Connie! They are totally hydroponically grown and it certainly was an eye-opener. Lovely fruit.
      Watermelon is your favourite, that's interesting. I have a story about our daughter when she was only a toddler,and we were camping. We were out in the open eating watermelon, and she would take a bite but then spit it all out again. We thought she didn't like it but then we realised it was simply that she was copying us as we spat out the seeds!

  14. I know Deb, wow is the word isn't it! A lot more than you or I grow in our veggie patches!

  15. Oh the purples of Australia, thanks for sharing your flowers.
    I live in Northern California.
    Nice to meet another JANE across the many miles.
    Thanks for stopping by

    1. Thanks Jane, and it's nice to meet you too, all the way from California. I went there many years ago, travelling with my husband in a VW Combi in the '70's. Some great memories, and everyone so friendly.

  16. well I love strawberries, and pineapple, and stone-fruits, and watermelon. So interesting to see this modernistic way of growing strawberries; so clean and much easier than grubbing along the trenches! Lovely photographs, making me hungry

    1. Hi Carole, lovely to read about the fruits you enjoy! Yes it is an interesting method of growing isn't it. They sell pick your own tomatoes as well, so will have to check that bit out next time.

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