Potato Jewellery Gallery

I am taking a break from selling my potato jewellery just now but
 thank you for your interest all the same, and by all means take a look!   


Cheeky Cherry Lime Spritz Pendant

You are most welcome to come and browse some of my

Earth Apple Jewellery 

Let me explain.  The name comes from the French for potato. 
 "Pomme de Terre" or literally "Apple of the Earth"
and that's right,  my jewellery is made from beads I make from potato.

 Basically I make the beads by cutting a potato into shapes and then drying them. Once completely dry they are sealed, painted, decorated, sealed again, and then turned into jewellery.  Sometimes quirky, always unique!

I hope that you will be surprised and delighted by the diverse range of  colours and designs of these earrings, pendants and necklaces.  These are just a few of the ones that I have had the pleasure of making.

Red Cedar View in Spring, Pendant

Reversible Necklace

Boysenberry Icecream, Necklace

Reversible Necklace, flip side in Aqua

Midnight at the Oasis, necklace

Pendant printed with a Sage Leaf


Thanks for taking a look!

I like to say that Earth Apple Jewellery is 

"Born of the Earth
& Set Free to Fly!"


  1. Beautiful jewerly, you are so creative, keep it going. Fun visiting your blog.

  2. Hi Jane, thank you so much for your comments, and for following along. Glad you like my jewellery. I certainly have fun making it! Bye for now Jane

  3. Thanks Lori, I am just experimenting at the moment with how it should be, but really I need to get organised and get onto etsy as well.

  4. goodness me...a use for potatoes i had never, ever, thought of!

    1. Well I like to surprise India! Thanks so much for taking a look :)

  5. Oh these are some sound advice, always looking for methods to fresh my Jewelry at home! also that first picture had me captivated for a excellent little bit haha!


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