Monday, 26 January 2015

My Happy Australia Day


After finding a red-bellied black snake in the chook house this morning,
  this beautiful Glasswing Butterfly was a bit of light relief when it appeared in my garden!
  It is an interesting butterfly, the only Australian
 representative of a mainly African species according to my butterfly book.
It's wings are quite translucent and indeed glass like.

Our son-in-law came to the rescue on his day off to help us fix a computer problem.
 We had sausages for lunch (well it's Australia Day remember?!) 
Then more visitors in the shape of a couple of yellow-tailed black cockatoos.
 These birds never cease to catch my eye and make me want to fly up there with them,
 soaring over this wonderful countryside.

These bright spots of red in my neighbour's garden were a lot more welcome
 than the one in the hen house this morning!  
But that's Australia, and I've grown used to things here now.  It's my home.
( I wrote that last sentence and crossed it out so many times.)  
Can a person have more than one home?  My home is England and my home is Australia.  
I have no desire - no will - and see no need to choose.
  Come to think of it that makes me very lucky indeed!

What do you think? 

Happy Australia Day to you!


  1. A very - somewhat late I believe - HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY my dear! I loved my two visits to your amazing country and hope to return some day! Like you, I too have my home in England which always comes to mind first, but my home here in the US, where I've lived so much longer, is where I'll remain!

    Beautiful photos - such a sweet "flutter by" and on heliotrope no less, one of my most favorite flowers! However I'm happy you left out any snake pics!!!!

    Enjoy the week - hugs, Mary

    P.S. I posted today - a couple of my pics from my first time in Australia - it was such an amazing place!

    1. Yes, I know you, like me hail from the UK Mary. We have much in common. Glad you enjoy the heliotrope, funny I was going to mention it but couldn't remember the name so thank you! Heading over to check out your photos x

  2. Beautiful pictures I do think you can have two places you consider home. I spent most of my childhood in Germany and part of my heart will always remain there. Sarah x

    1. Well thank you Sarah, and it's good to hear that you feel the same way. The world is a much smaller place these day's isn't it. x

  3. Hi Jane, thank you for visiting my blog. Your photos are absolutely beautiful and you live in such a gorgeous part of Australia. Oooooh that must've been quite a shock to see the snake !! This is a lovely Australia Day post and, no, I don't feel that having the love for one home precludes the other... not at all - hearts can encompass much. Cheers now and lovely to have met you :D)

    1. Lovely to meet you too Susan, and thank you for dropping by. I look forward to visiting again soon. Bye for now, Jane


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