Monday, 25 June 2012

Sun dried potatoes

Well, before I show you some really cool photos I just want to let you know that I am heading off to the UK to stay with my Mum for the month of July, so if things are a bit intermittent on the blog front you will understand why:)  


Here for this weeks offering are some wonderful photos from Claire at Unifly.  She sells fabulously stylish travel accessories and has done a lot of travelling herself, so really knows her stuff.

These photos are taken in Peru, home of the spud, (notice the potatoes in the foreground?) and show a lively market place, and then some potatoes laid out to dry, for use later on.

Claire has got more great photos from Peru on her blog , and travel tips as well, so hop over and take a look and don't forget to check out those travel accessories while you're there. And thanks so much for letting me share these photos with my readers, Claire.

Well speaking of dried potatoes, what better time to show you a couple of pieces of my jewellery which, of course, are also made from dried potato!

This one was called King Parrot Caught in a Rain Shower,
so you can see that the "rain drop"  is intentional!

Anyway, everyone, look forward to keeping in touch when I can, and just leave a message in the comments, or email me at if you want to get in touch.  I may not answer instantly as Mum and I could be having some Mother Daughter time, but don't worry, I will get back as soon as possible and be back on track again in August.
Cant wait to share some UK photos too!


  1. sun dried potatoes in an interesting concept. i wonder could we really do this.

    enjoy your visit.

    1. There is certainly a lot more info out there about drying potatoes so I will post some more soon to fill you in:) Thanks for taking a look and adding your comment. Bye for now Jane

  2. Enjoy your stay with your mum in the UK. We expect to see some British potato photos. Chips perhaps?

  3. Ha! Good idea Lori! I will work on it! Arrived about 15 hours ago. The good thing about jet lag is that I could enjoy the 4am dawn chorus as I was wide awake!

  4. Lucky you! Have a wonderful time and thanks for sharing your post x

    1. Oh thank you Katherine, I am having a lovely time catching up with family:) Cheers Jane

  5. Hi Jane, it is so nice to hear that you are going to visit your Mum. I'll bet she is very excited. I imagine that July is a lovely time of the year in the UK. Love your new jewelry, especially the last necklace.
    Have a safe and marvelous journey, Connie :)

    1. Oh, thanks so much Connie! It is certainly wonderful to be here, the journey was fine and hopefully the weather here will be too! Mind you, this is England so my guess is as good as yours! Cheers Jane:)


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