Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Potatoes!

Diamond Jubilee photo ITV news anglia

That's right,it's Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee,
 so let's join in the  fun with our own potato slant on things!

First cab off the rank is this wonderful bunting from What Katie Did Next.  Katie hand makes textile gifts and treasures,  and here she shows us how to make a fabulous patriotic bunting using as the main ingredient the one and only potato!!

Isn't it so effective?

Take one potato..........

See how Katie does it!

She designed the bunting for the Royal Wedding of William and Kate, but I think it is just as appropriate for the Diamond Jubilee, don't you?
I know you want to know more, so hop on over to Katies fabulous blog to learn how she did it !

And next we have red, white and blue potatoes......

Red, White and Blue potatoes 
from gardening express

Highland Burgundy Red:
This variety dates back to at least 1936 when it was used to add appropriate colour to a meal for the Duke of Burgundy in the Savoy. Highland Burgundy Red is mostly burgundy red inside with a definite ring of white flesh just under the skin. Highland Burgundy red has a dull russet layer over a bright burgundy skin. The tubers are oval to long oval. They make excellent novelty chips, crisps and mash. Nutritionalists say that the antioxidants provide many health benefits, including protection against cancer and other diseases.

Salad Blue:
First grown in Scotland in the 1900's, Salad Blue is very blue. The skin and flesh are both a strong, deep blue. The potato is not a salad - it has high dry matter and fries and mashes well but it does not boil well because it is fluffy and disintegrates. Tuber shape is short and oval. Flavour is mild although texture is quite good. The blue pigment is an anthocyanin. It is an antioxidant, and nutritionalists say antioxidants provide many health benefits, including protection against cancer and other diseases. Makes great novelty blue mash and chips!

British Queen:
Over 100 years old and highly prized for its yield, shape, floury texture of delicious flavour. Use for Chips, roasting, jackets and general purpose. In this Diamond Jubilee year, what could make a better potato to plant in your garden?

And finally.....a right royal table featured in The Telegraph!  

Jubilee spread Photo Yuki Sugiura 
What would you have on your table?

So, where ever we are, we can join in the jubilee fun
and I would love you to tell me what you would include on your
 Jubilee Menu 
(but make sure there are potatoes in there somewhere!)


  1. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is so special. I am proud for her, her family, and her people.

    1. It is a fantastic milestone and a wonderful occasion isn't it?

  2. Hi Jane
    Happy Diamond Jubilee! Thank you for including my potato bunting idea in your blog,it was very popular over here last year, it even got into The Times! I love your blog :-)
    Best wishes from Surrey, England, Katie x

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by Katie! I am not surprised your bunting made it into the Times, it is a great idea and looks so cheerful! You are having quite some celebrations over there aren't you? It's good to watch the pageantry on the TV.
      Best wishes to you from Aus :)Jane

  3. I remember making potato stamps in school. Thanks for the memory. I've been seeing a lot about the Queen's Jubilee . . . you Brits sure know how to throw a party! Have a great week, Steve.

  4. Thanks Steve! Yes, I am wishing I had been back over there over this time. Mind you the weather sounds cold and I think we get a bird's eye view from the comfort of our armchair,don't we? Potato stamping is fun isn't it! So many different ways for so many different effects. Bye for now Jane

  5. what nice post and potaoes! Is nice tto meet you Jane!

  6. Thank you so much Gloria! So nice to meet you too, you have a lovely blog with some delicious recipes and lovely photos :)

  7. We can't forget scones with jam and cream - with a cup of tea of course. The jubilee takes me back to my childhood - remember how we had to "salute my flag, honour my queen etc". And Empire Day when we had only half day at school so we could go home and get ready for Cracker Night?

  8. Yes Lori, definitely don't forget the cuppa! And those scones sound fantastic! It is interesting to hear what you say about Empire Day etc. I think Australia in those days was more English than the English! I only remember having to stand and sing God Save the Queen , in the cinema before a film was played , but as far as cracker night, in England where I was brought up, that was November 5th, Guy Fawkes night! Oh how things change and yet still stay the same!

  9. Hi Jane, nice to hear from you. Woodworking can be so very rewarding. Love your recipes!

    1. Thanks Steve! You make some lovely stuff for your grand daughter, and I am glad you enjoy the potato recipes:)

  10. I love the bunting made with a potato. Haven't done potato prints since I was at school and that's an awful long time ago:)

    1. Ha! Yes it's fun isn't it? The nice thing about potato printing is that it is quick and easy to do, and so versatile.


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