Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Banner & Bunting on their first outing to Made In Dorrigo markets!

Don't they look great?!!  I am really happy with the result and I got some good comments on the day as well.  I think the calico and hessian works really well for the potato jewellery. And you can see that we were blessed with the most wonderful weather.

Visitors and locals alike were having a good day out.  Food stalls did a roaring trade and the ladies next to me selling cakes were all sold out by mid morning!  I had a good day, and quite a few people had seen the articles in the newspapers and heard my radio interview, so they were interested to see what potato jewellery is all about!  I had a hoarse voice by the end of the session!

This is a piece of jewellery I call Belle of the Ball, which I had for sale on the day.

But the best thing for me was the lovely note sent with the banner from my daughter:)


  1. Totally in keeping with your brand - your bunting and stall display in general look fantastic. So pleased to be able to see the finished result!

  2. Thanks Mel, I really appreciate your comment:) Cheers Jane


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