Monday, 21 May 2012

Weekly Potato Recipe No. 6, Courtesy of The New Potato!

Well friends, I couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled upon
The New Potato! 

Restaurant Kelly Liken in Colorado, Signature Dish
 Potato Crusted Trout Filets 

with caramelised brussels sprouts,plump golden raisins, and toasted pecans

What luck,and what a delight to read about sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann who have founded a food and lifestyle website with a difference, called appropriately for us The New Potato.  They talk in depth to chefs, restaurateurs and foodies (like our own Aussie Curtis Stone) and ask all sorts of fascinating questions, one recurring one you like new potatoes?!

Well here are just a few answers to that question:

Curtis Stone foodie
I love them – are you kidding. Especially this time of year. You can peel them and boil them with parsley and butter with fish. Or you can keep the skin on and roast them. There’s also a dish called a Colcannon – it’s an Irish dish with milk, leeks, shallots and spring onions – you crush the potatoes with the milk and they’re deliciously creamy and buttery! 

Tom Colicchio restaurateur
I dig new potatoes. There are three things – mushrooms, potatoes and beets – they’re closest to the earth. It’s the closest to eating as natural as you can, those three ingredients. Because, in a sense, we all want to eat the earth.

When I was young, my mom and dad would can green beans and new potatoes each summer so we could enjoy them all year long. In the winter, they would open a can and heat it up with a slice of bacon or some fat back and serve it with cornbread. It was a simple meal, but one I really loved.

"love them!!"

Take a look at Kelly's recipe for Potato Crusted Trout Filets with caramelised brussels sprouts,plump golden raisins, and toasted pecans  featured above, by clicking on this link to and why not give it a go, it looks absolutely delicious!  Kelly's Restaurant Kelly Liken is in Vail, Colorado,(where incidentally my son worked as a ski instructor to littlies for a season and loved it !)

Thank you to Danielle and Laura for allowing me to share these ideas
 with you and we may take a look at some more further down the track.


  1. Potato crusted trout sounds wonderful. I like how they made the potatoes to look like scales.

  2. Exactly Dawn, it is so effective. Kelly is obviously a clever lady! Looks good and I bet it tastes good too:) bye for now Jane

  3. I want to find a mashed potato bar in the worst way!

  4. Hi Lori, how great to hear from you! I just googled mashed potato bar, and I am hooked!! Can I come along too? I am getting so many new ideas put to me, that I just don't know which to pick next. Thank you so much for yours :) Jane


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