Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Borrowed Lens - Such a Weekend Treat!

The Green Green Grass of Home!

My daughter has lent me her handy little camera (i.e. one that you hold out in front of you, not one that you hold up to your eye !) and I have been having a go with it.  The photos I am sharing are taken where I am and, because of this,they inspire my potato jewellery. 

Morning condensation takes over the window

Misty Morning

Snail trail

Clouds Reflected

Dogwood Day

Persimmon and Dogwood Rendezvous 

Grass in the early morning when I should be laying in,
but I think  it was worth it !

This Girl Knows Where She's Going!

I have so enjoyed sharing these photos with you, 
and now it is time to check on my beautiful, sleeping grand-daughter
 who we are taking care of while her Mum and Dad are at a Wedding.  
How lucky we are:).
I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am!


  1. Dear Jane, It looks like you are having a brilliant weekend. It is so marvelous, I know to have your little great-granddaughter there with you, and I love the photos you are taking. The misty morning shot and the morning dew on the wild grass . . . absolutely gorgeous! You really have a good eye for photography, and your composition is spot on. Have a glorious weekend! Your friend, Connie :)

  2. Dear Connie, I just delivered my little grand daughter home to Mum and Dad. We certainly did have a lovely weekend! I can't really think of a better way to spend it. I will hop over and see what you have been up to ! Bye for now, Jane

  3. Jane, I love your photos. It's hard to pick a favourite... Glad you enjoyed your weekend with your grand daughter.
    Tasha xo

  4. Thanks Tasha. I am also enjoying being part of your weekend photo project. I have just realised I could add this one of the dogwood as my entry for Red. Cool! Bye for now and thanks for visiting. Jane

  5. Beautiful photos Jane - thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks Mel. I certainly had fun taking them:) Jane

  7. Inspiring photos, just love them. Thanks.

  8. Well thank you too, Deb, I appreciate your comments:)


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