Monday, 9 April 2012

A Tisket a Tasket , I love my Potato Basket!

Well, hello there everyone.  Hoping you had a lovely Easter and I thought I would share with you some more Potato finds- this time all bound up in a basket.
I was trolling the net, (as you do!) and found this fantastic photo.

 Potato Field Photo, India Picture – National Geographic Photo of the Day

Photograph by Johnny Haglund, Women in the village of Mawsynram in the Indian state of Meghalaya (known as the wettest place on the planet), use homemade "umbrellas" when they work in the potato field.

Just look at those basket umbrellas!  Aren't they fantastic?

Well, they  led me on a merry dance to the following.......
Made of Wicker these potato baskets allow your spuds to breathe,
 while keeping  out the light and stopping them from going green.

Vintage potato baskets at a UK village market
Click here to take a look at what the thrifty and stylish Melissa from Miss Sew & So 
does with these vintage finds, and find out where her clever son fits into the story!

Making a traditional Irish Potato Basket
Joe Bruneau -
 Appalachian melon, egg, and potato baskets made with vine, dyed rattan, yarns, and seagrass.
What fantastic colours!

Don't you just love where potatoes can take you?!!

I wonder if you have seen potato baskets like these?  
There is something very comforting about baskets I think.  They are made with care and attention and they hold the things we need and cherish.


  1. Jane, I think it is absolutely awesome how you have such a passion for potatoes. I have got to admit that they are by far one of my favorite foods and there are so many ways to cook them. That would make a blog in its self. Just a suggestion, but maybe you should post something like a "Potato Recipe Of The Week". I would sure be interested in it. I found you through my wife's bloglist . . . I'm a husband that loves to cook and to feed people. I also enjoy woodworking, and metal welding. Your new follower, Steve

  2. Hi Steve, Great to hear from you! I have seen some of the fantastic woodwork you do on your lovely wife Connie's blog -
    Didn't realise you love cooking as well. You are a very talented couple!
    That is a good idea about a Potato Recipe of the Week. I'll see what I can do:)
    Cheers Jane

  3. Welcome to "By Stargoose And Hanglands", not many potatoes on my blog though (not yet anyway!). Hey, we used to fold old hessian sacks and wear them on our heads like that when I worked on the farm.

  4. Hi John, I know exactly what you're saying about the sacks and am so glad you reminded me! I wonder if I can find a photo? You are in the right area for spuds so you'd better have a look and click off next time you are out and about. Will drop by and take a look. My husband and I had our honeymoon ( many moons ago!) in Norfolk. East Anglia is a very special place. bye for now, Jane

  5. Hi Jane! Tks for stopping by my blog; glad you found me, and now I'm getting to visit with you. You live in a very beautiful part of our world. I enjoyed this photo you shared today; talk about a challenging job role!

  6. You are right Carole! We are pretty lucky aren't we ? I look forward to sharing worlds. Bye for now Jane

  7. Cool baskets Jane, you are welcome to pin my Scarecrow, cheers Marie

  8. Thanks for that Marie, it will look good in the spud patch! bye for now Jane


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