Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top o'the Mornin' Dew !
I took this photo a couple of mornings ago, dew on the rose bush.  I was pretty happy with it.  Take a look at a few more things I have found to help celebrate St Patrick's Day with you today!

Well this is a fine photo of Sydney Opera House on St. Patrick's Day 2010 which I found on Wikipedia, from Mike Young
I have gone green with a few others too, from Pinterest that I would like to share with you and to wish all you Irish out there, a wonderful day! This one is from Flickr , *julia

Delightful aren't they?

These two are my own froggy friends!  The baby on the left nestled in the petals of my soft pink rose.  The big boy on the right was snoozing on the door mat one morning when I went outside to welcome the new day!

good enough to eat!

Well that one may have looked good  enough to eat...
...but this one certainly is!!

It is delicious Colcannon Chowder

from the US Potato Board.  Click on the link and give it a try.

And absolutely scrummy Irish Potato Bread!
So enjoy everyone! And have a very happy St Patrick's Day!

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