Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter Egg Printing with Potatoes... So Cool !!

Potato Printing is a tried and true way of making stunning designs that are individual, fun and easy to do. Here is a great idea for Easter Cards, to try out with your children or grandchildren for Easter

Don't you just love the wonderful colours and bold designs!
It comes from Becca Swanson and she says
"It's a tradition in our house for the kids to make cards for their cousins and grandparents for every holiday. And with Easter right around the corner, this is the perfect time to get a head start on making your own custom Easter cards. No matter the age of your kids, any child can participate in this easy, fun craft, made with a simple potato print technique. Here's how to get started:

Required craft materials:

- small or medium-sized potato
- paper towel
- knife
- acrylic paint
- any color(s) and white
- card stock in pastel colors
- plate
- glue
- scissors
- permanent markers - thick and thin-tipped

How to potato print your Easter cards:

1. Select a smooth potato and cut in half across the middle, ending up with two flat oval ends. Blot the potato halves against a paper towel to dry the ends.

2. Pour a few areas of white paint onto your plate, then add a drop of a single different color into each white area. When blended, these will become pastel colors.

3. Dip the flat end of your potato into a pastel color, then print the oval onto your card stock. With your help, even toddlers can help in this stage of the craft. Mix, match, and blend colors and continue stamping. Each oval print will become an Easter egg on your Easter cards. Arrange and overlap two, three, or any number of eggs on each piece of cardstock, then let dry.

4. When the paint has dried, use your permanent markers to draw designs and patterns on each Easter egg - try drawing stripes, spirals, dots, wavy lines and zig-zags. Patterns look more intricate and complex when you draw using both thick and thin-tipped markers. Use black for a neat look, or try using colored markers for extra color.

5. Next, cut out the eggs as a group, or in a neat square or rectangle. Glue the prints onto the front of another piece of folded cardstock to add a decorative cover to your Easter cards. Next, simply write your holiday message on the inside, and your cute, custom Easter cards are finished.

Still inspired? Try more potato prints to create matching envelopes to go with your cards. Or, for a dash of sparkle, add a bit of glitter or sequins to your Easter eggs.


  1. Every time I visit your blog I am amazed. You are an inspiration to the potato farmers all around the world. Washington State is one of the biggest potato farming states in the USA and I live in an agriculture area. A lot of the people I know make their living in either the potato or wheat industries. But you, young lady, take the potato to another level . . . Thanks to you the potato has become an artist. Bravo!!! Have a magnificent day, your friend, Connie :) YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!

  2. That is very kind of you Connie! I think it is fun to look around and find the creative ways that people are using potatoes and gather them together. Let's salute the versatile spud, and of course the wonderful spud growers the world over!
    Cheers Jane:)


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