Friday, 10 February 2012

Designs From Nature

Today I went for a walk down the road in the gleaming sunshine...
...something quite new and refreshing!We have had nothing but rain recently.

 I am always on the lookout for inspiration and so today I took my camera
 and knew I would come across something lovely.  And of course I did! Only trouble was it was in the middle of the road!  Not a safe place for a beautiful thing like that to be.

So I picked it up to take a look.
 What do you think?  And also, do you know what it is, because I am not quite sure,
 is it a chrysalis, is it a beetle?  I really should try to find out.

I laid it back down in a safe place
 and carried on down the road to see what else I could find.............

Well it is a few days later, and I have found another of these beautiful creatures! 

 And yes, as you can see, it is a kind of a beetle, with so many busy little legs underneath its body armour.  Just brilliant!
Wait for the update on what it is officially called!


    I'd call it a slater but they have many names, what a wonderfully large shiny one.

  2. Dear Kirsty, you are a mine of information, for which I thank you! Will take a look at the link. Bye for now Jane


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