Saturday, 28 January 2012

Experimenting with photos

Today, since it has been yet another wet one, I have been experimenting with photos of my jewellery.  There is clearly  a lot to learn and I am interested in seeing the way others display their jewellery for sale. 

I have tried with a plain white background

Then this one with what I would call an "interesting" background
And lastly this one with a background which says something about the product itself, and also it is darker.
Its tricky, they all have their merits and perhaps it is just good to mix it up a bit.  I suppose I was trying to find something which would instantly say, Earth Apple Jewellery.

I would love to see your comments and thoughts:)


  1. Hi Auntie Jane!
    Great Blog, the necklaces look lovely. Hope all is well with you, speak soon. Sarah xxx

    1. By the way, it says Rob at the top but it is me!

  2. Brilliant to see your comment on my blog, the first comments on my blog of many I hope!! Thanks Sarah, thinking of you all Janexx


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